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Knowledge Is Power. Use It.

Who We Are

X-Act! Software is a Limited Liability Company based in New Hampshire, USA. We focus on providing exceptional software and solutions at a reasonable cost. Our professionals have extensive experience in the software/solutions industry, both as practitioners and educators. We bring practical, real-world experience to all of our initiatives, and focus on ensuring customer success each and every time.

Philosophy and Approach

We believe how we conduct ourselves in everday life and in business really does matter. We believe in providing quality products and solutions at a fair price, while ensuring that we do not sacrifice integrity or honesty. We believe we must account for how we interact with everyone, whether you purchase from us or not. Yes, we are a for-profit company, but we let the principles of our beliefs direct how we conduct business.  We understand that we may lose some sales because of our approach but in this age of corporate corruption and scandals, we hope that you will find us a breath of fresh air. 

We want more than satisfied customers; we want to help you achieve your goals for success.


X-Act! Software has won multiple MobileVillage BrightStar Awards for KnowledgeWorx.

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